At one point in time, I might have had an opinion or angle in talking about the pending (re?)release of WoW Classic. Something snarky about how damn near everyone is gravitating towards the classes that were actually functional back in the day – a tacit admission on how broken the design was back then – or general glee at the thought of rose-colored glasses being smashed with the brick of reality.

But you know what? You do you. Go have fun.

I didn’t have any fun three years ago, but I joined the WoW deathmarch in TBC, so maybe things would be different if… nah. What made WoW great for me was the time in which I played. Real life sucked, my IRL friends were scattered the four winds, and this virtual world offered the perfect escape vehicle to a kill an afternoon, a weekend, or entire years. I couldn’t tell you what else I was doing back in 2009, other than apparently uploading Naxx and Ulduar guild kill montages.

If you can log into Classic in 2019 and have the same fun you did more than a decade ago… well, I wish you the best. Much like Blizzard’s decision to actually go through with this release, I imagine that it will eventually be a Win-Win-Win for everyone. Whether it will keep veterans’ attention for years, or lead to nostalgic crashing and burning, or somewhere inbetween, at least the option exists.

That ain’t nothin’.

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  1. What’s surprised me the most so far is how many old names from that time are coming back in to play together again. That alone should be fun. It’s like a High school reunion, only online.

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    • Yes, I heard that from a few people. I wish it were the same for me, but my vanilla experience disintegrated in a bad way towards the end, so all my good old memories regarding people are from TBC. Nevertheless, I remember Vanilla fondly. I’d pay dearly to meet some of the people from Vanilla again. Only to figure out what they are doing these days. The US military people idling away their time in a German base. The stoners. The perennial broken hearts.

      It really would be almost like a school reunion!


    • Yeah, it definitely is interesting. And it makes sense in a way too. Of all the friends I made in WoW, it really was only WoW that brought us together. Which… duh, right? But we basically had no gaming tastes in common otherwise – the gamut ran from The Sims, to FPS, to RPG, to Football Manager, to Harvest Moon, to others who seemingly lacked any interest in videogames beyond WoW. We spent literal years together doing stuff, so any opportunity to get the band back together over the one thing we held in common was worth doing.

      (Un?)fortunately, it won’t be until TBC or (more likely) Wrath where that comes up.


      • The idea that it’s even in the realm of possibility is a stretch i think. I mean, think of how different all of our lives are compared to back then? Marriages, children, careers. I’d like to think i’d be 100% there for a reunion, but reality is it’s going to take more than a small spreadsheet to figure out a common time available to all!


  2. I was pondering a return to classic and then I started thinking…was this game actually fun? Like which class would I even play? Rogue or Hunter were OK I guess, but I wonder if people have forgotten how gimped most classes were. For that matter, I remember the leveling being terribly grindy around 35-45 and 55-60. I guess if all your homies are coming back that can be fun, but as an actual game that you play for the sake of playing it I’m not so sure vanilla WoW is going to cut the mustard.


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