6.2 is It

So the latest WoW news, delivered once again in a random-ass interview no one saw coming, dropped the following bomb: Patch 6.2 is the last raiding tier. It may very well be the last content patch in Warlords of Draenor too.

I… don’t really know what to say. I pretty much agree with Asmiroth’s points and concerns though. Especially the part about lack of content:

WoD will clearly be marked as the expansion with the least amount of content since launch.  2.5 raid tiers, 8 dungeons, no races, no classes, Garrisons, which killed cities, Ashran which put the final nail in open world PvP, a near-complete destruction of crafting.  But we got selfies.

Items that were supposed to be in this expansion (from their Blizzcon): Shattrah raid, Bloodspire and Karabor (cities), Farahlon (zone/pvp).  You’d think that would be at least 1 more content patch worth.

Warlords is both the most expensive expansion Blizzard has released and the one with the least amount of content. Even if Blizzard actually delivers on the promises they made in terms of faster expansions, the best case scenario here is… what? BlizzCon is in four months. Will the beta for the next expansion be released at that point? So are we looking at 10 months from now at the earliest?

Here is a more relevant question: is an expansion even what we want at this point? I didn’t even pay full price for Warlords and I’ll be damned if I’m buying another expansion box within a year after this absolute clown show. I say this as a person otherwise sitting on nine (9!) months worth of WoW Tokens and enough gold to buy a dozen more. 

By the way, one of the items frequently omitted when talking about all the ways Blizzard fucked up this expansion is arguably one of the most important for casual players: PvP faction balance. This video by Asmongold sums it up. Or perhaps this single picture:


Current as of 7/2/15.

What you’re looking at is the 3v3 Arena leaderboard for Horde. In other words, while Asmongold was slightly off in his video, the very top Horde players in the US are sitting beneath 188 Alliance players. Is it just a complete coincidence that the best PvP players in WoW have all up and faction transferred to Alliance after a decade of Horde dominating basically everything? The answer is clearly no. And at this point, even if Blizzard went forward with a “radical” change like disabling all racials in rated PvP, there is no real reason those top players would pay the blood price Blizzard asks to transfer back.

If you think 3v3 Arena doesn’t have much of an effect on overall balance – and admittedly, the 5v5 numbers are a lot closer – then take a look at this:

How the tables have turned.

How the tables have turned.

So if you have been pleasantly surprised with your Alliance BG experiences lately, the above is why. It can certainly feel good to finely have the shoe on the other foot, but Alliance has taken the Horde’s shoes, socks, and pants, and are now a mile away. Racials likely don’t have much effect in the aggregate when it comes to random BG outcome, but as always, perception is reality. And the reality is that the top Horde players have left the faction, which is discouraging, which then depresses the remainder, which causes further PvP losses, which culminates in a death spiral.

I have no idea how Blizzard can even begin to fix this. Not that I have much faith in their ability to fix anything at this point.

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  1. I’d hate to have to buy another expansion any time soon.

    I managed to buy and start a number of new accounts in late 2014 when there were discounts for the sake of getting RAF rewards and I went overboard with levelling. I now have 20+ level 100 and while I actively play 5-7 of them I’d hate to have to level them again for the sake of getting the benefits of a new expansion.

    I’d rather have an expansion based on quest progression, item levels on gear, attunements to new zones or something than regular levels. 100 levels? How many more levels do we need before the ladder is too high to climb?

    It is a very good video that describes what is wrong with World of Warcraft these days albeit a script would be nice. This expansion has offered one content patch so far. Or even half of a content patch. Many things were supposed to be available at launch. All the store mounts should be available in the game for in-game accomplishments and currencies because it is not a free-to-play game, we pay subscription. I don’t much trust Blizzard-Activision these days.


  2. I thought WoD would play on TBC nostalgia more, but there was barely anything to play. I came back, so how gutted the game felt, watched as Blizzard did nothing much, and now I am broken of any last hold the game may of had left.


  3. > I have no idea how Blizzard can even begin to fix this.

    Merge the factions. The story is already “Horde & Alliance” vs. “Some Corrupted Evil”. And having two factions is a luxury a shrinking game cannot afford. It artificially limits the player base.

    The SoO would have been the perfect time for the Alliance to sack Orgrimmar and unite with the other factions.

    I still think that this is the “big thing” GC was talking about.


    • There would be riots in the street. Or Garrisons, whatever.

      While I agree that that would actually be a legitimate solution, Blizzard would never do it. What I could see them do is simply have Alliance vs Alliance (etc) match-ups, dressed up as mercenary company or Defias defector battles. Or if they want a more behind-the-scenes change, simply alter the character models per player, e.g. an Alliance player will see all Alliance teammates despite them actually be Horde, and vice versa.


  4. Are you really sure that WoD has less content than other expansions? It seems to me that as the game is more and more familiar, people run through it (or ignore part of it) much faster…..


    • I’m kinda going to quote Asmiroth again since he did the math for raids:

      Let’s just look at MoP to make it simple to start. Mogush’an Vaults(6), Heart of Fear(6), Terrace of Endless Spring(4), Throne of Thunder and Siege(13) of Ogrimmar (14) for 5 raids total and 43 bosses. Cata had 6 raids and 31 bosses. WoD has 3 raids and 30 bosses. Math is math and WoD has less.

      This isn’t counting dungeons, of which WoD has 8. Mists has 9 dungeons (plus 14 scenarios). Cataclysm had 14. Honestly, just looking at WoW’s own website is kinda sad.


  5. I wonder if this isn’t a money thing. A shrinking player base coupled with inflationary eroding of the subscription revenues might mean that wow isn’t a profit juggernaut like it used to be. More frequent expansion sales might be an attempt to recoup some of that.

    Maybe not. In any case, it’s not wise to announce the end of an expansion before even announcing the existence of the next.


    • What was especially bizarre about the interview was how Cory Stockton basically said: “There isn’t anything to announce about future patches, but part of that comes down to how Patch 6.2 plays out. How far players progress in Hellfire Citadel and Tanaan Jungle will give the team an idea of how long the content will last.”

      It’s like… really? If players seem to go through 6.2 really fast, does that mean the team is going to slap something together at the last minute to tide players over? Another content patch seems to be one of those things you start working on ahead of time.


    • According to the BLS Inflation Calculator (I love this tool), $40 in 2007 ( BC drop date) is the equivalent of ~$46, so we still payed more for WOD, and the conversion to Euros and Pounds means they payed even more in Europe. Admittedly churn, new players, and expac sale prices can make it hard to really compare, but it is safe to say that they asked for and got more for very little in return.


  6. It’s interesting that players now see expansions as something an MMO should have no more often than once a year and preferably less often than that. I hugely preferred the schedule EQ managed for several years when they knocked out a full expansion every six months. I’d very happily pay full price twice a year for a good expansion to an MMO I was playing regularly.

    Can’t imagine those days will ever return.


    • Were the EQ expansions as large as WoW expansions overall? As in, four EQ expansions adding more territory/quests/bosses/etc as WoW does across two years? I honestly don’t know.


  7. I’m just surprised at the… surprise? I thought every indication months ago was that 6.2 would be the final content (or at least raid content) patch for Warlords. Was everyone just holding out hope those signs were wrong, or did I miss some contrary information somewhere?


    • Well, there were two levels of disbelief, as far as I can tell. The first was the “they told us multiple times at BlizzCon that Grommash was the last boss.” I hadn’t been keeping up with Twitter, which is why I still saw the ending trailer on MMO-Champion and thought even then“I wonder what Grommash is doing after this to become a raid boss?” I guess there was this Tweet by Muffins back in March that should have been a clue?

      The second is the slow realization that yes, the car that stalled on the tracks is really going to be hit by that train. You knew when the car first stopped on the tracks that there was a possibility of a train hitting it, but you never really believed that you would see it happen. And then they did it. Blew it all up. Cue Statue of Liberty on the beach and closing credits.


  8. So after years of leaving the Alliance between a rock and a hard place, at least considering PVP, they changed it to the opposite…to me, doesn’t say much about the status of the game overall.
    More concerning is the outlook of months (years?) of no new content. Aside from all that, I guess that game is still profitable, so they’ll try to squeeze out every drop they can before it finally withers and dies. Good riddance, one might say.


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