The Best of In An Age, Vol. 1

[Blaugust Day 31]

If you are looking for the best, most philosophical, endearing, poignant, expertly written posts for In An Age, then look no further.

That’s right, they appear here, at the top of, two or three times each week depending on when I feel like dropping epiphanous bombs. Subscribe or add to your RSS reader of your choice, and you’ll be notified every time the light shines forth from my bushel. Which, again, is all the goddamn time. Worst… bushel… ever.

If you’re not up for reading nearly 800 posts though, here are the Top 5, in no particular order:


This post is actually somewhat topical given how it was originally written about my feeling of “offness” whilst playing Guild Wars 2. The term “wirehead” has came to represent any game I play obsessively but ends up making me feel empty when I turn it off. Favorite line from the post: “Playing Guild Wars 2 feels like going to Disneyland ahead of the apocalypse.”


Despite the years, I still consider “entitlement” to a be a trigger word for me and a Godwin’s Law for videogame arguments generally. The best summation of my feeling on the word ended up coming from a more recent follow-up post: “When you use the word “entitlement” as a pejorative, all you are doing is asserting that someone has unreasonable expectations about something, without actually bothering to offer an argument or explanation as to why it is unreasonable.”

The Problem With F2P and Microtransactions

If there was one other  concept I wish the whole of the internet knew and understood, it is that of Consumer Surplus. While the F2P and microtransaction ship has long since sailed, the idea of Consumer Surplus is still useful in moderating the insanely anti-consumer sentiments that crop up in gaming discussions with disturbing regularity. This particular post isn’t the best one on the topic, but it’s the first, and it explains what Consumer Surplus is. For the others, just click on the Consumer Surplus tag.

My Issues with the Bioshock Infinite Plot

Oh man, Bioshock Infinite. It’s been over two years since I wrote that post, but I still stand by every argument made and presented. Simply put: if you liked Infinite’s plot, you’re wrong. Case closed.

Established Fact

Speaking of arguments, I’m still rather fond of this one. At the time, the internet was discussing why WoW was losing subscribers in Cataclysm despite the (established) fact that the actual cause was the increase in dungeon difficulty. Incidentally, I consider that post and a few others from that time period as the beginnings of my (one-sided) rivalry with SynCaine.


There you have it, the Top 5 posts from In An Age. While the newest amongst them is April 2013, my original list had at least 25 entries mostly pulled from the Philosophy category. In fact, that’s the place I recommend going to if you enjoy my writing at all and yet somehow have failed to keep current with my steady stream of genius. Priorities, people; work on them.


Enjoy Continue enjoying.

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  1. I appreciate you doing this!


  2. “I consider that post and a few others from that time period as the beginnings of my (one-sided) rivalry with SynCaine.”

    Far too hard on yourself my friend. I’m sure if you dig through ever disagreement, one of them must have gone your way, even if just a bit? I’d recommend skipping all the HS and WoW-related stuff though, don’t want to put you on suicide watch.

    Plus it’s like some unknown getting a title shot vs the all-time champ. History will remember the beating. You can tell your kids you showed up. Win/win.


    • See? This is why I like you – such a kidder.

      Looking back on things, it was actually Rammstein that always seemed to eviscerate most of my arguments in the comments. I haven’t seen him around much lately, which is too bad.


  3. Pretty good roundup. Also, grats on getting through Blaugust.
    Laughed at that Disneyland ahead of the apocalypse line.


  4. I think my favourite was ‘Lost Bodies’.

    At the time, everyone was obsessed with WoW subscriber numbers (Plus ca change?) and you highlighted that these departures were leaving MMOs full stop.

    There is still a contingent (No names) that believe a ‘new vanilla’ would see the Second Coming of the MMO.


    • Oh man, I feel dumb now for not choosing that one for at least an honorable mention. I actually really writing the posts where I do some internet sleuthing and research. Hmm.

      Well, that’s definitely on the Vol. 2 list now!


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