Dilemmas, Part 1

Time will tell whether or not that one remaining New Years prediction will come true, but…



What pushed me over the edge were all the reports about the Legion pre-expansion event XP. I haven’t actually experienced a good expansion event since the lead up to Wrath, so it’s actually surprising that Blizzard hasn’t tried the ole “easy XP” route before. Then again, perhaps they really needed the scaling level tech in place before they were able to. Regardless, since I only ever got one character up to 100 in Warlords, this provided a nice opportunity to boost some of the alts.

Then came the dilemmas.

My primary dilemma is this: I’m still stuck on the low-pop wasteland of Auchindoun-US. The one remaining friend I have who has been playing WoW all this time has server hopped a few times until landing on Sargeras-US in a Mythic-level raiding guild. So… what do I do?

  • A) Choose a new main, pay $25 blood price to transfer, use level 90 & 100 boosts for alts.
  • B) Choose new main, but use level 90 & 100 boosts to create one and an alt.
  • C) Do nothing.

A) is annoying and I don’t want to do it; $25 is absurd, and has always been absurd. Of course, I have 335k gold locked on Auchindoun, so I’d have to start from scratch otherwise. Or take up my friend’s offer of some seed money on Sargeras – he apparently accumulated 1.7 million gold via Garrison farming over the course of the expansion. While I am relatively confident in my ability to pay him back via AH shenanigans, I disliking owing people anything.

B) makes for an interesting situation. Getting an instant 90 and then farming Invasions will quickly get me fully geared and ready for Legion, probably with time to spare to level professions. Or create a level 58 Death Knight, and get that guy boosted via Invasions. The instant 90 will also unlock the ability to get a Demon Hunter, which of course starts at level 98. So between the level boosts and Invasions, it’s entirely possible to get four new max-level characters on an entirely different server with minimum fuss. Minus the gold situation.

C) is actually what I am leaning towards at the moment. Cross-realm tech means I can technically group/dungeon/raid with my friend no matter what server we are on. Mythic raiding is still disabled from what I recall, but the chances I buckle down for the hardcore raiding I swore off of three expansions ago are between zero and Nope. Of course, this means I can’t be in their guild, meaning I miss the chatter and social aspects that (usually) make MMOs worth playing in the first place.

The one wrinkle that bears examining is that Sargareas-US is one of the largest servers in WoW, and it is PvP too. Auchindoun is also PvP, but even with cross-realm activated, the place is generally sparse. In both a A) and B) scenario, I would likely have to contend with queue times near launch and potential ganking 24/7. Something I am not exactly looking forward to.

Hmm. I shall have to ponder some more.

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  1. No matter what, during the events in the fully crossrealm enabled zones you can count on ganking wherever you are.
    But you might also consider going mythic dungeons for a 100-110 heirloom trinket right away before leveling chars. This week is the last chance to get it.


    • Ha, yeah, I don’t think those heirloom trinkets are going to be a thing. I have played through maybe 2-3 total dungeons runs this expansion. Even if Mythic dungeons are easymode, not sure it’s worth it to me.


  2. Launch should not have queues as they have a new tech with Legion where even a single server can spawn multiple instances if the load gets to high for a single one. (Yeah, we both know that this won’t work as Blizzard is one of the worst companies for smooth game launches. But it’ll probably be fucked up for everyone, not only high pop realms.)

    To transfer gold you can buy battle pets on your server, learn them, cage them on your new server and sell them there.


    • The pet system is a pretty risky way to transfer gold, IMO, especially after Blizzard raised the transfer cap to 250k. I’ve compared the two markets, and everything on Sargares is cheaper, generally.

      We’ll see about the queues.


      • The pet system is the only way to transfer gold without using real world currency. Even at a 50% loss you still have 165 k gold more in situation B compared to not transferring gold with pets.


      • I mean, you’re not wrong. But keep in mind that 165k gold is approximately four WoW Tokens, which means $60. I would have to be really sure that that is what I would want to do.

        Right now, I’m heavily leaning towards waiting for a character server sale.


  3. Do WoW guilds have a character cap? If they don’t, why couldn’t you be in the mythic raiding guild as a non-raider to get the chat room?


    • In an option C), I can’t join their guild because we aren’t on the same server cluster. We can group up for dungeons and raids regardless of where we are, but I can’t actually see their guild chat. And even if Mythic raiding were wanted and possible, actually being on their server would be a “necessary sign of commitment” to reserve a spot on their roster. Which makes sense, considering they could just recruit someone on-server who is more likely to stick around long-term.

      WoW has danced around mega-servers and similar solutions for ages now, but we’re still in a situation (as far as I know) that requires guild members to be all on the same server (cluster).


  4. Do you honestly think you’re going to stick with WoW for several months? Or are you likely to play through some content and then maybe fade away?

    I would use your 100 boost to make a new character on Sargeras with your friend. Play that for a while, maybe levelling your “main” on the side. If after a month you think you’ll stick with WoW long-term, transfer your main over.

    Basically, I don’t think you have enough information to make a good decision right now. So delay the decision for a while, until the situation becomes clearer.


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