So… Now What?

The problem with goals is that you complete them.

When I originally wrote Monday’s post about farming transmog pieces in WoW, I had not yet acquired the Tunic of Unwavering Devotion. Since I had technically been farming since Legion (via LFR), I was buckling in for the long haul. After a presumed failed run over the weekend, I was going to get back to leveling my Monk character to the cap and then seeing if she can also solo Nighthold.

Alas, like a strange monkey paw curse, I got exactly what I was looking for.


Oh, and have I mentioned that my Demon Hunter is sitting at ilevel 340 now? It took a dozen dungeons to go from 310 to 320, but about three days of casual, mostly solo content to go from 320 to 340. So there really isn’t much of a point in doing much of anything on the Demon Hunter now. I will do the occasional WQ if it offers reputation, but only in the off-chance that I continue playing WoW once flying is (re)(re)(re)released.

Leveling alts to the cap seems like a fine goal on the face of things, but… eh. They will not be used for raiding or dungeon running or farming transmog, so what’s left? PvP? I usually reserve my Warlock for PvP endeavors, but the forums are pretty clear about the apparent sad state of Warlocks this expansion. I could try going the healer route for giggles, as I do have a Priest at 111.

The real problem I have is that I somehow lack the motivation to do much of anything, anywhere. Post-game Depression is a thing I talked about a few years ago, and it may well triggered when I got that last piece of transmog gear. Or maybe WoW has been on its way out with me for several weeks.

I dunno. I have a million other games I could be playing, but no motivation to load any of them. The 7 Days to Die Alpha17 patch keeps getting pushed into Star Citizen territory, and Fallout 76’s beta isn’t until the end of this month. In the meantime, I am just logging into WoW and puttering around on the AH, or closing the client and watching people play Hearthstone on Twitch.

Guess my next goal should be to get more goals.

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  1. Is there something wrong with being done with wow? You said earlier you have no interest in mythic dungeons or raids, and wow continued endgame is pretty much build around those 2 activities and pvp. If none of those are appealing enough to try, just close it down and move on to the next game. Once you have made the decision you’ll probably stop logging into wow and gain interest in the next thing.


    • There’s nothing “wrong” per se, it was just a rather jarring change. Like almost a light switch. I feel like prior expansions (not counting Legion) had more residual activities to work towards, even solo.

      Hell, at least alts in prior expansions had something cool to look forward to on your way to the level cap. No talents, no new abilities, only getting weaker as you approach the cap. Whatever Blizzard thought Azerite was supposed to accomplish, well, it failed.

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      • Out of curiosity, what were those other activities? Not to say that azurite is a succes, but for me legion and bfa with m+ keep me more interested than ever before. I pretty much afked all but raids in wod, and can’t recall what there was to do. Challenge modes?


      • WoD was a shitshow generally, with some of the least amount of content ever released in any expansion. But! The Garrison was a wellspring of activity for the solo player. Collecting followers, unlocking buildings, and then moving towards doing the same with alts. In particular, getting Garrisons set up on alts so that you could passively accumulate gear (and gold) was big. It was only a one-time activity, but the treasure chests with unique items and toys was nice. There are technically some similar items in BfA, but the ratio is way off.

        If you go back far enough, you get things like Justice/Valor points back, which would be a reason to run dungeons again as a solo player. I do not consider M+ to be the equivalent for a number of reasons, one of which is the timer/race aspects of it.


  2. Well, I can give you my solution to the WoW thing. As much as I liked Legion a lot, even if I was just playing as a filthy casual, I was tired of BfA after one month. It feels to me like it’s Legion reheated in a microwave. The only “novel” additions, island expeditions and warfronts, are complete garbage.
    Ah, the solution: I cancelled my subscription and I’m playing flight sims.
    As I already posted many times: I play to have fun, when I don’t have fun in a game, a new source of fun is always “Alt-F4 and click on another icon” away.

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    • Yeah, I’m playing Hollow Knight in short bursts, but I’m still looking for something meaty to sink myself into. I have plenty of options, but no particular drive to start something.

      I may just cash out the rest of my gold into Blizzard Balance, and let my remaining ~8 days or so expire. If I regain interest, I can pay for another month via the Balance. Otherwise, I’ll keep the cash in reserve for whatever new projects come along.

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