Two Days

My WoW subscription expires in two days, and I think I’ll let it.

This isn’t particularly Big News or anything, but experiencing the internal process has been interesting to me. I have been cashing out my gold for the past several weeks, to the point where I keep around 200k liquid gold, one WoW Token in the bags, and applying Blizzard Balance to the rest. Even now I could just right-click the WoW Token and be good for another month.

But what am I even doing?

Well, making gold. I still make Hexweave Bags because they still sell for 1400g despite current-expansion 30-slot bags go for 800g. I still do the MoP farm on one character, because those mats sell daily for around ~1500g. I herb whenever I run around on the Demon Hunter doing dailies (towards unlocking Pathfinder, Part 1), and that pulls in a couple extra grand. All told, I log in every day to the tune of 5k-10k a day. Peanuts to any serious goblin, but since I’m not seriously doing anything, getting paid $30-$45/month to play WoW seems pretty good. Especially when there is a spike in demand when the Warfront Contributions come around.

But… that’s it. There’s a bit more involved than the Garrison days, but I’m essentially logging in to collect my gold, muck around a bit to see if there are new markets to explore, and then logging off. That was good enough to justify things last month. Not so sure it still holds up this month.

Yeah, it’s probably for the best to let things lapse. I’ll check back in patch 8.1. Maybe. Fallout 76 beta should be in the next three weeks, so who knows.

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  1. My subscription expired yesterday.

    I was debating whether I should renew it for the Keen Eye achievement (, which I think takes half a year to complete and the last necessary quest was coming up. In the end I decided to do it in spring because I also miss some monthly alcohol bottles from the Brewfest drink-by-mail club.

    I’ve also soloed the Stay Classy guild achievement thanks to class trial characters and the achievement still requiring level 110 and honored. I feel proud. It was mind numbing but perhaps I will be able to sell tokens for the 8th guild bank slot later on.

    And now I am playing Elder Scrolls Online and having a lot of fun. I started watching this guy and decided to give it a go due to the recent promotion+discount campaign. Things look good so far. Unless I stuff my bags full of crafting shite and cannot loot anything anymore.

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  2. You mentioned in previous posts that raiding, mythic keys and PvP don’t interest you this time around – which makes guilding up a bit superfluous and takes out a big chunk of what WoW counts on for its appeal. I think I would be quite interested to read a deeper dive into what would get you durably engaged in an MMO these days.

    In a reply to Caldazar earlier you bring up the garrison as an example from WoD, and presumably the MoP farm was similarly appealing in its day. So… aesthetics to experience/acquire and various forms of resource management, mostly?

    I’m half-way wondering whether you shouldn’t actually try EVE, despite all the obvious arguments against it.


    • It’s possible that WoW PvP would engage me a bit, but the problem is that the class I want to play (Warlock) is apparently not doing well this expansion.

      Well, that’s one of the problems. The more relevant problem right now is that I have less than zero drive to level the rest of my characters up. I pushed my Demon Hunter to 120, but the only other character I have above 111 is the Monk at 118. Leveling right now is beyond tedious because Blizzard made a conscious design decision to offer ZERO incentive to do so. You get nothing but weaker. No new abilities, no changes to your rotation, nothing. I’m kinda holding out hope that 8.1’s “incursions” will be an lucrative as Legion Invasions for alt-leveling purposes, and thus give me some motivation to do so.

      Having multiple max-level characters would start a sort of chain-reaction in terms of goals. Getting/cheesing their way to the 320 ilevel threshold, and getting them into Warfronts and/or LFR. Once WQs scale up again, I’d be logging onto a few of the toons each day to check whether there’d be easy gear there. For others, I’d possibly throw a few into the PvP mix. Disc Priests seem pretty powerful, for example, and I have one at level 111.

      So, basically, I don’t feel the issue is necessary systemic. I think Blizzard just screwed up a lot of core features in this particular expansion and it’s reduced/eliminated my engagement as a result. It’s possible that they have zero plans which could move my needle on the issue with this expansion. But it’s not as though I’m done with WoW as a concept. It’s just this particular iteration that’s dumb IMO.


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